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The Housing Crisis: Land is the Solution

Tired of living next to noisy neighbors in a home with no view? Finding it difficult to find a great and affordable place to live? The housing market in the US is more competitive, with lower inventory and higher prices than at any other time in decades. Buying land is the answer. Let us help you- we offer both discounted cash pricing as well as financing options- no credit check required!

Why Root Down Land?

• We offer land at deeply discounted rates to the public. In fact, the majority of our properties are 30%-90% below market value!

• Because we believe everyone has the right to own land, we guarantee to finance- no credit check required! While most banks won’t lend on land, we offer seller financing on most lots.

• What you see is what you get. No hidden fees. Clear title. We always close through a third party to make sure that all transactions are incredibly professional. In fact, we don’t see a dime of your money until we close on your new property.

Why Buy Land Today?

• We make the buying process as simple as could be.

• Land can be used in a million ways.

• Land provides financial security and builds generational wealth.

• The best time to buy land was yesterday. The second best time to buy land is today!

*Please note, all prices will be firmed up when the title company has provided the final closing costs for each particular property

The buyer is responsible for verifying all information with the County as to what can and can’t be done with the property. The buyer will need to work with the County to obtain the proper permits if needed. The buyer will also need to confirm the availability of any utilities needed or serviced on the property. The seller makes no warranties or representations about the land, its condition, or what can be built on the property.

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